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  • QZD Automatic Batching and Mixer Integrated Machine
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  • 20~30 days
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  • 10,000 pcs/Year
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  • Wooden box
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  • China
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  • SMAC
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  • QZD


Product Description:
This product is based on the traditional mixing station. It has been researched and modified many times to mixing granular materials thoroughly in precise weight ratio in the quickest and simplest way.

This product is based on the whole mixing system, bracket and weight measuring components as a traditional equipment plus an improved traditional concrete batching machine, forming an automatic mixing equipment for mixing ingredients. Technically,40 cubic meters per hour can be discharged. Due to the high degree of automation, the actual amount of material discharged in its normal operation is close to the theoretical value (Compared to the traditional mixing station, due to operator proficiency, discharge height and other factors, the actual amount of material may only achieve half of the theoretical value). The price is only half of the Module 35 traditional mixing station (30 cubic meters per hour).

The equipment can be used for concrete mixing, mortar mixing, cement stabilization soil mixing, etc. It is suitable for rural civil construction, road construction, tunnels and tall buildings.

This equipment is divided into three parts:
1. Batching system (pneumatic discharge bin). It mainly stores sand, stones, cement and water.
2. Stirring system (twin shaft compulsory concrete mixing). Stir the sand and gravel and measure by weight.
3. Computer program control system. Control batching, mixing, unloading and other automated control.

The device combines the traditional batching machine and mixer into one,, which greatly saves the floor space and is easy to operate. Easy to install, you can move your device at any time. The traditional ingredient waiting system and the stirring feeding system are omitted, which greatly saves time and improves production efficiency. After the research of the control system, a lot of improvements have been made to make the operation easier and more automated, which greatly saves manpower.
QZD Automatic Batching and Mixer Integrated Machine

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