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  • HZS90/2HZS90 Concrete Mixing Plant
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  • HZS90/2HZS90


1. HZS90/2HZS90 Concrete Mixing Plant Introduction
The HZS90/2HZS90 concrete mixing plant utilizes the innovative design concept to provide great convenience for concrete production enterprises, which are widely used in urban, high-speed rail, high-speed and engineering construction.

HZS90 concrete mixing plant supporting equipment and technical characteristics: HZS90 concrete mixing station consists of conveyor belt, cement bin/cement tank, conveying worm, PLD batching machine, twin-shaft mixing host, intelligent computer control room and metering system.

According to the actual needs of customers, the theoretical productivity of HZS90 concrete mixing plant is 90m³/h, and the theoretical productivity of 2HZS90 concrete mixing plant is 180m³/h.

2. HZS90/2HZS90 Concrete Mixing Plant Sketch
HZS90/2HZS90 Concrete Mixing Plant
3. Main Purpose of HZS90/2HZS90 Concrete Mixing Plant

HZS90 concrete mixing plant is suitable for the production of various ready-mixed concrete, such as urban commercial concrete and concrete production of the hydroelectric project, power station, railway, highway, tunnel, bridge, airport, construction site. More than 30 sets of HZS90 concrete mixing plants have been installed in the South–North Water Transfer Project, making a special contribution to the process of China's South–North Water Transfer Project.

4. Technical Specification of Lianyuan HZS90/2HZS90 Concrete Mixing Plant
HZS90/2HZS90 Concrete Mixing Plant
5. Why you choose HZS90/2HZS90 concrete mixing plant?

The mixing machine of HZS90 concrete mixing plant can be equipped with JS twin-shaft forced concrete mixer or imported concrete mixing host. The main machine is equipped with a dust collector, which has the functions of automatically collecting dust, dehumidifying and returning the collected dust to the host for reuse. The dust collection effect is excellent. The top of the cement silo is equipped with a cylindrical dust collector, which has high dust removal efficiency and low noise. The main frame is packaged in color steel plate, which is neat, beautiful, dust-proof and has a good view.

The theoretical productivity of HZS90 concrete mixing plant is 90 m³per hour; the mixing machine is JS1500 forced mixer with a nominal capacity of 1500L; Batching capacity of the batching machine is 1600L, the productivity of the conveying worm is 80t/h, and the size of aggregate is 80mm; Cement weighing range and accuracy is (0 ~ 900) ± 1% kg, admixture weighing range and accuracy is (0 ~ 50) ± 1% kg, aggregate weighing range and accuracy is 0 × 5000 ± 2% ; Discharge height is 3.8 meters. The height can be increased or decreased to meet the discharge demand. The standard weight is 97×103kg, which requires a solid base to stabilize the mixing plant.

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