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  • HZS75/2HZS75 Concrete Mixing Plant
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  • 20~30 days
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  • 10,000 pcs/Year
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  • Wooden box
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  • China
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  • SMAC
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  • HZS75/2HZS75


1. HZS75/2HZS75 Concrete Mixing Plant Introduction
HZS75 concrete mixing plant is an concrete mixing plant for engineering situation. HZS75 mixing plant is made up of a series of automatic concrete mixing equipment consisting of batching, mixing and electric control system. It is equipped with separate manual control, automatic compensation of material droping and aggregate moisture compensation. It can automatically complete the scheduled tank production. The unloading height is 3.8 meters and the storage hopper volume is 8m³/ bin ( with 3/4 bins), and the supporting main machine is JS1500 twin-shaft compulsory mixer.
According to the actual needs of customers, the theoretical productivity of HZS75 concrete mixing plant is 75m³/h, and the theoretical productivity of 2HZS75 concrete mixing plant is 150m³/h.

2. Main Features of HZS75/2HZS75 Concrete Mixing Plant
The advantages of HZS75 mixing plants are: low price, small floor space, less equipment for use, accurate measurement of ingredients, and high quality and efficient production of concrete.Compared with the traditional mixing station, it can save up to one-half to two-thirds of floor space.

Optional steel beam or fixed mixing body system. It only takes a few hours to compelete the loading and unloading operation.Together with the installation of control rooms, batching machines and other equipment, the HZS75 concrete mixing plant can be ready for production in two to four days.

3.Technical Specification
HZS75/2HZS75 Concrete Mixing Plant
Our products are widely used in construction, highway, metallurgy, mining, building materials, chemical, coal, electric power and other industries.
We provide customized models according to customer's actual needs
1) We provide scientific equipment selection services;
2) Scientific and reasonable site planning, providing equipment plans and drawings.

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