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  • HZS60/2HZS60 Concrete Mixing Plant
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  • 20~30 days
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  • 10,000 pcs/Year
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  • Wooden box
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  • China
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  • SMAC
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  • HZS60/2HZS60


1. HZS60/2HZS6 Concrete Mixing Plant Introduction
With company's experience in producing concrete mixing plant equipment for many years, HZS60 concrete mixing plant combines the advantages and advanced technology of various models at home and abroad.It would be no doubt that HZS60 concrete mixing plant is a better choice for small-scale concrete mixing plant.
According to the actual needs of customers, the theoretical productivity of HZS60 concrete mixing plant is 60m³/h, and the theoretical productivity of 2HZS60 concrete mixing plant is 120m³/h.

2. Advantages of HZS50/2HZS50 Concrete Mixing Plant
1) The modular structure is very convenient for installation and relocation, it can adapt to the requirements of different venues.
2) JS1000 double-shaft forced concrete mixer guarantee the mixing quality and high working efficiency.It can complete mixing task of dry,semi-dry,plasticity concrete in different proportions.
3)The metering components and control components are all imported components and controlled by microcomputer, which fully guarantees accurate measurement and stable performance.
4) The process of feeding, stirring and discharging is carried out in a closed state. The high-quality dust collector is used  to greatly reduce the pollution of dust and noise to the environment, and the environmental protection performance is good.
5) Each repair and maintenance part is equipped with a platform or ladder. The main machine is equipped with a high-pressure pump cleaning device with good maintenance performance.
6) The whole machine adopts dual computer control system, and the double computer switching can automatically control the production control without any influence. Dynamic panel display, can clearly understand the operation of each part. The intuitive monitoring interface provides a clear and accurate view of the on-site workflow. Report printing management is available.
7) The electronic control system adopts imported components, and the overall performance is stable and powerful. Abnormal working conditions and faults are automatically detected, and text, sound and light alarms are used to facilitate maintenance and rule out to technical fault.
Our products are widely used in construction, highway, metallurgy, mining, building materials, chemical, coal, electric power and other industries.
We provide customized models according to customer's actual needs
1) We provide scientific equipment selection services;
2) Scientific and reasonable site planning, providing equipment plans and drawings.

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