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  • QT8-15 Automatic Block Making Machine
  • Delivery Time:
  • 20~30 days
  • Production Capacity:
  • 10,000 pcs/Year
  • Transport Package:
  • Wooden box
  • Origin:
  • China
  • Brand Name:
  • SMAC
  • Model Number:
  • QT8-15


Product Features and Advantages:
1.Frame: It is made of high-strength steel in special welding technology.
2.Guide Pillar: It is made of special steel. the surface is chrome-plated with good torsion and wear resistance.
3.Mould Cavity & Indenter: mechanical, electrical and hydraulic integrated control. The pallet product has less height error and good product consistency.
4.Pigment Machine: The Pigment Machine uses sensing and hydraulic proportional drive technology to produce forced centrifugal blowdown, which ensures the uniformity of the pigment material, and is particularly suited for thin-walled porous products.
5.Vibrator: The vibrator is driven by electro-hydraulic technology, multi-source vibration system. Under the control of the computer, the vibrator is driven by hydraulic pressure to generate vertical synchronous vibration, which can realize low-frequency feeding and high-frequency vibration molding and obtain good vibration effects on different raw materials. The vibration acceleration can be increased by 17.5.
6.Control System: computer control, man-machine interface. Adopts Japan's Fuji and other brands. The control program is based on 15 years of actual production experience and combined with international development trends to meet the national conditions. No need for professionals, the operator can operate the control system after the training. The control system is equipped with powerful memory for upgrades.
7. Storage Material Distribution Device: The supply of materials is controlled by the computer to avoid the internal pressure caused by the external factors.
8. Various molds can be replaced.
QT8-15 Automatic Block Making Machine

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