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  • 15-9G Mini crawler excavator
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  • 15-9G


Product Features:
1- Equipped with the environmentally-friendly engine that meets the National III emission, with strong power and excellent performance;
2- Equipped with multiple directional control valves, which consume less energy and is easy to operate.
3- Simple operation, small and flexible, convenient to transport;
4- Reasonable weight distribution and high excavation stability;
5- Useful in excavating, crushing, clearing ditch, drilling etc.. Accessories can be quickly replaced, so that the machine utilization is greatly improved;
6- Equipped with the arm deflection device. The front part of the body is equipped with a mobile device for arm deflection, rotating to 90 degrees on the left side and 50 degrees on the right side.The excavator can perform direct excavation work in the wall edge without the need to move the body frequently, making it more suitable for small-scale operations.
15-9G Mini crawler excavator
Characteristics and Advantages of the Mini Excavator:
1- With a reasonable structure and a power output of 1.5 to 6 tonnes, it has the following advantages: small size and light weight, low fuel consumption and excellent engine cold start performance.
2- It is perfectly adapted in the works of:
- Pavement repair, minor earthworks, basement and interior construction, concrete crushing, underground laying of cables, laying of water pipes,
- Agricultural planting, landscaping, digging trenches of orchards and fertilization, gardening and dredging of rivers.
- With a very high production capacity in a narrow workspace, the mini excavator meets a variety of operational needs while saving labor and material resources.
3- The mini excavator has many functions of the medium excavator, with a low energy consumption, a great flexibility, a wide range of adaptation and efficiency. It is very suitable for the operation of building sites with a narrow space.
4- Rubber track or steel track are optional, imported Japanese Yanmar engine, imported hydraulic system; closed cab and air conditioning, etc.
5- Optional equipment: quartering hammers, augers, wood grabs, ditchers. It can be customized according to customer’s requirements, this gives it the character of multifunctional.
15-9G Mini crawler excavator
15-9G Mini crawler excavator
15-9G Mini crawler excavator
15-9G Mini crawler excavator
Mini Excavator Purchase Guide:
1. Orchard operation (Digging, fertilizing, planting, weeding, cultivating etc.) is suitable for model 15-8 or 15-9 mini excavators, while opening up wasteland or strip-partial mining are suitable for model 22-9X, 30-9X. The slightly larger mini excavator model is more efficient.
2. Trenching construction of cable, wire, tap water, sewage pipe, natural gas pipeline is suitable for model 15. We also recommend model 22-9X or 30-9 to improve your working efficiency.
3. Landscaping construction (planting or hanging trees, trenching, etc.) is suitable for model 22-9X, 30-9X and 35M. We would recommend crawler mini excavator for landscaping construction as it would not damage the road surface when walking on roads or sidewalks.
4. Mountain contracting construction for personal use(planting trees, repairing terraces, digging trenches, opening roads, weeding and reclamation etc.) It is recommended to use the high version of 22-9X or 30-9X mini excavator. Fast and stable performance!
5. Interior construction (interior demolition, basement back-filling, cleaning) is suitable for model 15-9 and 22-9X mini excavators. the width and height of these two mini excavators are better suited for small indoor spaces and can rotate 360 degrees in the room, making operation easy and fast.
6. Broken construction (concrete crushing, rock crushing, indoor wall crushing, floor crushing and beam breaking etc.). It is necessary to select a small excavator model according to the actual situation. Three models of 22-9X 30-9X 35M are recommended. Any of these three excavators can be equipped with a breaker. The larger the model, the stronger the power and the higher the efficiency!
7. Mine construction (tunnel and cave construction, mines and shaft operations etc.)  is suitable for  custom electric mini excavators or hybrid electric mini excavators. The electric mini excavator with zero emission will not cause public health concerns. And the specific model should be decided according to the working space.
8. Vegetable greenhouse construction is suitable for model 15-9 and 22-9X agricultural excavators. These models are relatively powerful. In addition to self-use, such excavators can also be rented for construction in rural areas, digging foundations, trenching, etc.. It’s all for your consideration.
9. Planting operation (digging and planting Chinese yams, digging sweet potatoes, digging potatoes, digging ginger, etc.) is suitable for models 15-9, 22-9X, and 30-9X mini excavators as the models of small excavators used in industrial and orchard fertilization are similar. We would recommend you to choose mini excavator models with steel tracks, which have a non-slip effect and strong climbing capacity.
10. Lease investment is suitable for models 22-9X, 30-9X and 35M mini excavators by machine working hours or for monthly rental. The advantage lies in the wide application range of the working conditions, low fuel consumption, high efficiency, low investment and fast return on capital investment.

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