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  • Rack Pinion Frequency Conversion Construction Hoist for Two Transmissions
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  • 20~30 days
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  • 10,000 pcs/Year
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  • China
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  • SMAC
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  • Rack Pinion Frequency Conversion


Rack Pinion Frequency Conversion Construction Hoist for Two Transmissions
Overview: SC200/200 Series Construction Hoist Products
1- The SC series construction hoist is a construction elevator with rack-and-pinion mechanism, used on construction sites for transport. After years of optimization and innovation of advanced technology at home and abroad, the product has gradually developed with special design, compact and reasonable structure, easy to installation and adjustment, reliable quality and elegant appearance.
2- The standard section can be divided into three types according to the specifications(650³650³1508,800³800³1508,900³650³1508), SC200/200 two transmissions devices, SC200/200 upper three transmissions devices and adjustable speed control system.
3- The machine is widely used in used in building construction such as industrial and civil construction, bridge construction, chimney construction and building construction. And it is also suitable for vertical transportation of materials for warehouse and port.
4- The main structural parts of the construction hoist are made of Q345B material, and the standard section adopts automatic stamping production line blanking and is welded by welding Robot. The rest of the structural parts are protected by argon gas and carbon dioxide gas arc welding technology. All parts are treated by pickling and phosphating treatment. After heating and drying, the parts are sprayed by automatic painting line process. The standard section adopts galvanizing surface treatment, which is corrosion-resistant, cost-saving and durable in use.
5- The construction hoist adopts PLC control system with delay control function, which reduces stop and start impact and makes it runs smoothly. It has fault self-diagnosis function, which is convenient for maintenance. The drive plate and the safety device bottom plate with high-accuracy holes position are processed by CNC machine tools. The surface is spray-coated for longer service life. The fence door frame adopts advanced structure with rigid edge and deformation resistance, ensuring smooth opening of the fence door and convenient installation, transportation and storage.
6- My company has a number of patented technologies for the safety and a structural control part, which intends to further improve the processing and manufacturing precision of the transmission structure, gears, back wheels, rollers and other components that may affect the smooth running of the whole machine and ensuring the riding comfort, stability and safety, reduce the number of user maintenance. The main electrical components adopt Schneider brand and the whole machine should be test and make record in Factory to ensure the completed equipment run well when taken into use.

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