Dear new friends,
WE ARE HIRING! You must learned about what we are and what we do.SMAC is officially inviting you to be our team members if you think you could meet the following requirements:
You think you are - Fluent in speaking and writing English.
- Have a familiarity with computer software.
- Honest, trustworthy, self-motivated.
Customers think you are TOP Sales, professional in foreign trade with prompt reply,and always bring valuable orders.
Team workers think you are a Power Workmate with affinity and willing to work closely with team members.
Leaders think you are a Warm Member, who is detail-oriented, responsible and reliable.
You are convinced that sales and services can deliver value to a Customer. The export of road construction equipment can bring value to customers in need. And you are willing to realize the value of being the foreign trade sales manager with sheer determination.
We don't care how long is your work experience.As long as you have been engaged in foreign trade, have rich experience working in international trade, import and export business; familiar with customs declaration, freight, insurance, inspection and other procedures; deal with operations in international exchange and payment;
maintain good communication with customers; explore overseas markets.As long as you are interested in building road equipment!As long as you are willing and confident to learn product knowledge from scratch!
Have good prospects for development.With corresponding social insurance(endowment insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance,employment injury insurance,maternity insurance) and housing fund.Competitive salary. It could be negotiated personally.
Domestic:Working place: Shanghai;Working hours : Monday to Friday 9: 00-18: 00, Flexible working schedule based on work conditions.
Overseas: Working place: Local.Daily work can be communicated through social software.
We are in Pudong, Shanghai, China. We look forward to a positive working relationship!
We hope you will take part in the creation of the history of SMAC!
From: Old Friends in SMAC.
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